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Massage is one of the most effective methods to bring your body into a total state of relaxation. With relaxing music, aromatic scents and a warm and tranquil ambience that prevails in Leśne SPA, this is the perfect way to de-stress. It effectively relieves muscle pains associated with strenuous exercise and problems with the spine caused by sedentary work.

For your health and well-being, we recommend having a massage done once a week. With the purchase of a monthly pass, we offer a 10% discount, 20% discount for a two-month pass and 30% discount for a three-month pass.

We also recommend specially prepared rituals that deeply relax and provide full body care with the help of carefully selected treatments.

In the period from October to March we offer a 30-minute session in either the FINNISH SAUNA or STEAM ROOM included in the massage price.

Foot Massage
An extremely relaxing and comforting massage, it relieves and soothes tired feet. Thanks to the many reflexology points on the feet, the massage works on the whole body, improving the flow of energy, stimulating the organs and improving their function.

Price: 90 PLN / approx. 30 min.

Therapeutic foot, neck, head and hand massage

A relaxing and calming massage. It helps treat migraine headaches. Reduces tension and stress, increases feeling of well-being and brings immediate pain relief. It can be done when there are contraindications to perform massage on other parts of the body.

Price: 120 PLN / approx. 45 min.

Anti-cellulite massage

A hands-on anti-cellulite massage of selected body parts carried out by using specialized massage techniques and specialized creams and oils containing ingredients which positively affect the skin. During the massage, it is possible to use Chinese Cupping on selected body parts which are covered by cellulite. The massage removes excess fat, improves metabolism and accelerates fat burning. This massage helps with body contouring and firming and the skin is thus more flexible. It accelerates lymph and blood flow, so that tissues are oxygenated and nourished.

Best results are achieved after a series of several massages.

Price: 150 PLN / approx. 45 min.

Chinese cupping massage

This is a strong massage using special vacuum cupping. It is effective in the fight against cellulite. Accelerates blood circulation and lymph circulation, which helps clean the body of toxins. It speeds up metabolism resulting in fat reduction. The massage helps remove water retained in the body.

A series of treatments can increase its effects.

Price: 180 PLN / approx. 60 min.

Relaxation massage

This treatment regenerates the body and mind of the person being massaged. The main purpose of this massage is relaxation of tight tissue, balancing the flow of vital energy and achieve full psychosomatic relaxation. This massage is particularly recommended for people exposed to chronic stress, fatigue and insomnia.

Price: 80 PLN / approx. 30 min.
Price: 140 PLN / approx. 60 min.

Classic massage

Classic massage deeply relaxes and treats muscle pain. It improves blood and lymph circulation, enhancing delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and accelerates detoxification. It is ideal for athletes and warms up muscles before a workout.

Price: 90 PLN / approx. 30 min.
Price: 150 PLN / approx. 60 min.

Therapeutic massage

Helps in controlling pain associated with muscle tension associated with the spine, sedentary work, or excessive exercise. It is a hands-on therapy which uses a variety of pressures on the respective area of muscle. This massage has direct and indirect effects on our body – it relaxes muscle tension, helps to better nourish and oxidise tissues, which allows them to recover faster. It helps treat and prevent many diseases.

A series of treatments can increase the above effects.

Price: 90 PLN / approx. 30 min.
Price: 150 PLN / approx. 60 min.

Back massage

Back massage – depending on the client’s needs, this is a classic massage with both therapeutic and relaxation massage elements. It especially has a good effect on relieving muscle tension, back and spinal caused by strenuous physical effort, fatigue and stress. By relaxing the muscles and nervous system it also relieves headaches and sleeping problems. It is a great form of relaxation and restores well-being.

Price: 90 PLN / approx. 30 min.

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